EmptyHEADED (not so much now)

Oklahoman. 20 for now. Non-emo, Super depressing. Still teachable, giving a lesson.
follow at your own discretion. (I Love my girlfriend, movies & music.)

“But still I was lonely. It was Boris I missed, the whole impulsive mess of him: gloomy, reckless, hot-tempered, appallingly thoughtless. Boris pale and pasty, with his shoplifted apples and his Russian-language novels, gnawed-down fingernails and shoelaces dragging in the dust. Boris — budding alcoholic, fluent curser in four languages — who snatched food from my plate when he felt like it and nodded off drunk on the floor, face red like he’d been slapped. Even when he took things without asking, as he all too frequently did — little things were always disappearing, DVDs and school supplies from my locker, more than once I’d caught him going through my pockets for money — his own possessions meant so little to him that somehow it wasn’t stealing; whenever he came into cash himself, he split it with me down the middle and anything that belonged to him, he gave me gladly if I asked for it (and sometimes when I didn’t, as when Mr. Pavlikovsky’s gold lighter, which I’d admired in passing, turned up in the outside pocket of my backpack).”

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (via angeltabletting)

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Trying to b “cute” but “rushing” at the same time. 😛 smh